Anything disciplinary is meant to correct someone's bad behavior or punish them for doing something wrong. At many schools, the vice principal is in charge of disciplinary actions like detention.

Many parents have disciplinary methods that include issuing time-outs, grounding teenagers for misbehavior, or withholding privileges like watching TV. The sentences and punishments handed down by judges in criminal courts and military tribunals are more serious disciplinary actions. In fact, the adjective disciplinary comes from a Latin root, disciplina, that means both "instruction given" and "military discipline."

Definitions of disciplinary
  1. adjective
    relating to discipline in behavior
    disciplinary problems in the classroom”
  2. adjective
    designed to promote discipline
    “the mother was stern and disciplinary
    synonyms: corrective, disciplinal
    nonindulgent, strict
    characterized by strictness, severity, or restraint
  3. adjective
    relating to a specific field of academic study
    “economics in its modern disciplinary sense”
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