Disambiguation refers to the removal of ambiguity by making something clear. Disambiguation narrows down the meaning of words.

This word makes sense if you break it down. Dis means "not," ambiguous means "unclear," and the ending -tion makes it a noun. So disambiguation is the act of making something clear. Disambiguation distinguishes between different meanings of words. If you say the word joker, do you mean a playing card, a prankster, or a Batman villain? Disambiguation will clear things up. If you mention that you were playing poker, then it's clear which joker you're talking about. When you see the word disambiguation, think "clearing up confusion."

Definitions of disambiguation
  1. noun
    clarification that follows from the removal of ambiguity
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    lexical disambiguation
    disambiguation of the sense of a polysemantic word
    type of:
    clarification, elucidation, illumination
    an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding
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