1. dirty money goods or money obtained illegally
  2. hearth money an annual contribution made by Roman Catholics to support the papal see
  3. testimony something that serves as evidence
  4. tight money the economic condition in which credit is difficult to secure and interest rates are high
  5. ready money money in the form of cash that is readily available
  6. dirty-minded having lewd thoughts
  7. thirty-one being one more than thirty
  8. Dindymene great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor
  9. thirty-nine being nine more than thirty
  10. dirty linen personal matters that could be embarrassing if made public
  11. Dortmund an industrial city in northwestern Germany
  12. Dartmouth a college in New Hampshire
  13. party man a member of a political party who follows strictly the party line
  14. fiat money money that the government declares to be legal tender although it cannot be converted into standard specie
  15. smart money money bet or invested by experienced gamblers or investors
  16. dirty bomb an atom bomb that leaves considerable radioactive contamination
  17. treatment the management of someone or something
  18. dirty joke an indelicate joke
  19. cardamon rhizomatous herb of India having aromatic seeds used as seasoning
  20. protamine a simple protein found in fish sperm

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