dilleniid dicot genus

Definitions of dilleniid dicot genus
  1. noun
    genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
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    Capparis, genus Capparis
    tropical or subtropical evergreen shrubs or small trees
    Cleome, genus Cleome
    tropical and subtropical annual or perennial herbs or low shrubs
    Crateva, genus Crateva
    tropical genus of small trees or shrubs
    Polanisia, genus Polanisia
    widely distributed herbs having palmate leaves and creamy white to or pink to magenta flowers with many stamens of unequal length
    Aethionema, genus Aethionema
    Old World genus of the family Cruciferae
    Alliaria, genus Alliaria
    a genus of herbs of the family Cruciferae; have broad leaves and white flowers and long siliques
    Alyssum, genus Alyssum
    a genus of the family Cruciferae
    Anastatica, genus Anastatica
    one species: rose of Jericho; resurrection plant
    Arabidopsis, genus Arabidopsis
    a genus of the mustard family having white or yellow or purplish flowers; closely related to genus Arabis
    Arabis, genus Arabis
    annual to perennial woody herbs of temperate North America, Europe and Asia: rockcress
    Armoracia, genus Armoracia
    Barbarea, genus Barbarea
    biennial or perennial herbs of north temperate regions: winter cress
    Berteroa, genus Berteroa
    hoary alyssum
    Biscutella, genus Biscutella
    genus of Eurasian herbs and small shrubs: buckler mustard
    Brassica, genus Brassica
    mustards: cabbages; cauliflowers; turnips; etc.
    Cakile, genus Cakile
    small genus of succulent annual herbs found on sandy shores of North America and Europe
    Camelina, false flax, genus Camelina
    annual and biennial herbs of Mediterranean to central Asia
    Capsella, genus Capsella
    shepherd's purse
    Cardamine, genus Cardamine
    bittercress, bitter cress
    Dentaria, genus Dentaria
    usually included in genus Cardamine; in some classifications considered a separate genus
    Cheiranthus, genus Cheiranthus
    Old World perennial plants grown for their showy flowers
    Cochlearia, genus Cochlearia
    a genus of the family Cruciferae
    Crambe, genus Crambe
    annual or perennial herbs with large leaves that resemble the leaves of cabbages
    Descurainia, genus Descurainia
    includes annual or biennial herbs of America and Europe very similar to and often included among those of genera Sisymbrium or Hugueninia; not recognized in some classification systems
    Diplotaxis, genus Diplotaxis
    wall rocket
    genus Draba
    large genus of low tufted herbs of temperate and Arctic regions
    Eruca, genus Eruca
    annual to perennial herbs of the Mediterranean region
    Erysimum, genus Erysimum
    large genus of annual or perennial herbs some grown for their flowers and some for their attractive evergreen leaves; Old World and North America
    genus Heliophila
    genus of South African flowering herbs and subshrubs
    Hesperis, genus Hesperis
    biennial or perennial erect herbs having nocturnally fragrant flowers
    Hugueninia, genus Hugueninia
    one species: tansy-leaved rocket
    Iberis, genus Iberis
    Old World herbs and subshrubs: candytuft
    Isatis, genus Isatis
    Old World genus of annual to perennial herbs: woad
    Lepidium, genus Lepidium
    cosmopolitan genus of annual and biennial and perennial herbs: cress
    Lesquerella, genus Lesquerella
    genus of low-growing hairy herbs: bladderpods
    Lobularia, genus Lobularia
    sweet alyssum
    Lunaria, genus Lunaria
    small genus of European herbs: honesty
    Malcolmia, genus Malcolmia
    genus of plants usually found in coastal habitats; Mediterranean to Afghanistan
    Matthiola, genus Matthiola
    genus of Old World plants grown as ornamentals
    Nasturtium, genus Nasturtium
    aquatic herbs
    Physaria, genus Physaria
    small genus of western North American herbs similar to Lesquerella: bladderpods
    Pritzelago, genus Pritzelago
    chamois cress
    Raphanus, genus Raphanus
    Rorippa, genus Rorippa
    annual and perennial herbs of damp habitats; cosmopolitan except Antarctica
    genus Schizopetalon
    small genus of South American herbs grown for its flowers
    Sinapis, genus Sinapis
    small genus of Old World herbs usually included in genus Brassica
    genus Sisymbrium
    genus of Old World annual or biennial or perennial herbs with racemose flowers; many are considered to be weeds
    Stanleya, genus Stanleya
    prince's plume
    Stephanomeria, genus Stephanomeria
    malheur wire lettuce
    Subularia, genus Subularia
    small genus of herbs of north temperate regions and mountains of tropical Africa
    Thlaspi, genus Thlaspi
    herbs of temperate regions: pennycress
    Thysanocarpus, genus Thysanocarpus
    small genus of herbs of upland regions of the Pacific coast of North America
    Turritis, genus Turritis
    closely related to and often included in genus Arabis
    Vesicaria, genus Vesicaria
    small genus of chiefly Mediterranean herbs: bladderpods
    Papaver, genus Papaver
    type genus of the Papaveraceae; chiefly bristly hairy herbs with usually showy flowers
    genus Argemone
    prickly poppies
    genus Bocconia
    tropical American trees or shrubs closely related to genus Macleaya
    Chelidonium, genus Chelidonium
    one species: greater celandine
    Corydalis, genus Corydalis
    annual or perennial herbs of Himalayan China and South Africa
    Dendromecon, genus Dendromecon
    one species: bush poppy
    Eschscholtzia, genus Eschscholtzia
    showy herbs of western North America
    Glaucium, genus Glaucium
    herbs of Europe and North Africa and Asia: horned poppy
    Hunnemannia, genus Hunnemania
    one species: golden cup
    Macleaya, genus Macleaya
    a perennial herb of eastern Asia: plume poppy
    Meconopsis, genus Meconopsis
    herbs almost entirely of mountains of China and Tibet; often monocarpic
    Platystemon, genus Platystemon
    one species: creamcups
    Romneya, genus Romneya
    one species: matilija poppy
    Sanguinaria, genus Sanguinaria
    one species: bloodroot
    Stylomecon, genus Stylomecon
    one species: wind poppy
    Stylophorum, genus Stylophorum
    wood poppies
    Fumaria, genus Fumaria
    annual herbs whose flowers have only one petal spurred at the base
    Adlumia, genus Adlumia
    one species: climbing fumitory
    Dicentra, genus Dicentra
    North American and Asian herbs with divided leaves and irregular flowers
    genus Loasa
    genus of tropical American prickly herbs or subshrubs
    Mentzelia, genus Mentzelia
    genus of bristly herbs or subshrubs of western America lacking stinging hairs
    Malva, genus Malva
    herbs and subshrubs: mallows
    Abelmoschus, genus Abelmoschus
    genus of tropical coarse herbs having large lobed leaves and often yellow flowers
    Abutilon, genus Abutilon
    herbs or shrubs or small trees: flowering maple; Indian mallow
    Alcea, genus Alcea
    genus of erect herbs of the Middle East having showy flowers: hollyhocks; in some classification systems synonymous with genus Althaea
    genus Althaea
    hollyhocks; in some classification systems synonymous with genus Alcea
    Callirhoe, genus Callirhoe
    small genus of North American herbs having usually red or purple flowers
    Gossypium, genus Gossypium
    herbs and shrubs and small trees: cotton
    genus Hibiscus
    large genus of tropical and subtropical herbs and shrubs and trees often grown as ornamentals for their profusion of large flowers in a variety of colors
    Hoheria, genus Hoheria
    small genus of shrubs and small trees of New Zealand: lacebarks
    Iliamna, genus Iliamna
    small genus of perennial herbs or subshrubs; some often placed in other genera
    Kosteletzya, genus Kosteletzya
    small genus of herbs of southeastern United States and tropical America and Africa
    Lavatera, genus Lavatera
    widespread genus of herbs or softwood arborescent shrubs cultivated for their showy flowers
    Malacothamnus, genus Malacothamnus
    genus of shrubs or small trees: chaparral mallow
    genus Malope
    small genus of chiefly European herbs
    Malvastrum, genus Malvastrum
    genus of mallows characterized by red and yellow flowers often placed in other genera
    Malvaviscus, genus Malvaviscus
    small genus of shrubs of Central and South America: wax mallows
    Napaea, genus Napaea
    one species: glade mallow
    genus Pavonia
    genus of tropical hairy shrubs or herbs of tropics and subtropics especially South America
    Plagianthus, genus Plagianthus
    small genus of shrubs and trees of Australia and New Zealand
    Radyera, genus Radyera
    very small genus of shrubs of southern hemisphere: bush hibiscus
    Sida, genus Sida
    large genus of tropical subshrubs or herbs some of which yield fibers of mucilaginous substances
    Sidalcea, genus Sidalcea
    genus of showy plants of western North America having palmate leaves and variously colored racemose flowers
    Sphaeralcea, genus Sphaeralcea
    large genus of chiefly tropical herbs with showy flowers and mostly globose fruits: globe mallows
    Thespesia, genus Thespesia
    a small genus of tropical trees including the portia tree
    Bombax, genus Bombax
    trees of chiefly South America
    Adansonia, genus Adansonia
    baobab; cream-of-tartar tree
    Ceiba, genus Ceiba
    tropical American trees with palmately compound leaves and showy bell-shaped flowers
    Durio, genus Durio
    a genus of tall Asian trees of the family Bombacaceae
    genus Montezuma
    one species: medium-sized evergreen tree of Puerto Rico or Mexico
    Ochroma, genus Ochroma
    one species: balsa
    Pseudobombax, genus Pseudobombax
    tropical American deciduous shrubs or small trees
    Elaeocarpus, genus Elaeocarpus
    type genus of the family Elaeocarpaceae
    Aristotelia, genus Aristotelia
    small genus of shrubs or small trees of Australia and New Zealand and western South America
    Muntingia, genus Muntingia
    one species: Jamaican cherry; sometimes placed in family Flacourtiaceae
    Sloanea, genus Sloanea
    genus of tropical hardwood timber trees
    genus Sterculia
    type genus of the Sterculiaceae: deciduous or evergreen trees of Old and New World tropics and subtropics
    Brachychiton, genus Brachychiton
    Australian trees (usually with swollen trunks)
    Cola, genus Cola
    large genus of African trees bearing kola nuts
    genus Dombeya
    genus of African shrubs or small trees
    Firmiana, genus Firmiana
    small genus of Asian trees or shrubs
    Fremontia, Fremontodendron, genus Fremontia, genus Fremontodendron
    Helicteres, genus Helicteres
    genus of shrubs and small trees of tropical America and Asia having cylindrical fruits spirally twisted around one another
    Heritiera, Terrietia, genus Heritiera, genus Terrietia
    small genus of timber trees of eastern Asia, Australasia and tropical Africa that form large buttresses
    Hermannia, genus Hermannia
    genus of African herbs and subshrubs having honey-scented bell-shaped flowers
    Pterospermum, genus Pterospermum
    genus of tropical Asian trees and shrubs
    Tarrietia, genus Tarrietia
    small genus of east Asian and Australian timber trees
    Theobroma, genus Theobroma
    cacao plants
    Triplochiton, genus Triplochiton
    small genus of tropical African trees with maplelike leaves
    Tilia, genus Tilia
    deciduous trees with smooth usually silver-grey bark of North America and Europe and Asia: lime trees; lindens; basswood
    Entelea, genus Entelea
    a genus of evergreen shrub that grows in New Zealand
    Corchorus, genus Corchorus
    widely distributed genus of tropical herbs or subshrubs; especially Asia
    Grewia, genus Grewia
    a genus of tropical and subtropical Old World climbers or shrubs or trees
    Sparmannia, genus Sparmannia
    small genus of tropical African shrubs
    genus Erica
    large genus of low much-branched woody evergreens ranging from prostrate subshrubs to trees: true heaths
    genus Andromeda
    low-growing shrubs of northern regions of northern hemisphere
    genus Arbutus
    large evergreen shrubs and trees of southern Europe and western North America: strawberry tree; madrona
    Arctostaphylos, genus Arctostaphylos
    bearberry; manzanita
    Bruckenthalia, genus Bruckenthalia
    a genus containing only one species: spike heath
    genus Bryanthus
    a genus allied to and once included in genus Phyllodoce
    Calluna, genus Calluna
    one species
    Cassiope, genus Cassiope
    low tufted evergreen shrubs of colder parts of north temperate regions having moss-like foliage and nodding white or pink flowers
    Chamaedaphne, genus Chamaedaphne
    one species: leatherleaf
    Daboecia, genus Daboecia
    a dicotyledonous genus of the family Ericaceae
    Epigaea, genus Epigaea
    small creeping evergreen shrubs: trailing arbutus
    Gaultheria, genus Gaultheria
    widely distributed genus of creeping or upright evergreen shrubs
    Gaylussacia, genus Gaylussacia
    deciduous or evergreen shrubs of North America: black huckleberries
    genus Kalmia
    erect evergreen shrubs: mountain laurel
    Ledum, genus Ledum
    evergreen shrubs of north temperate regions
    Leiophyllum, genus Leiophyllum
    one species: sand myrtle
    genus Leucothoe
    American and Asiatic deciduous and evergreen shrubs
    Loiseleuria, genus Loiseleuria
    one species: alpine azalea
    Lyonia, genus Lyonia
    evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees of United States to Antilles and eastern Asia to the Himalaya
    Menziesia, genus Menziesia
    deciduous shrubs of North America and eastern Asia
    Oxydendrum, genus Oxydendrum
    Phyllodoce, genus Phyllodoce
    small genus of evergreen Arctic and alpine shrubs
    Pieris, genus Pieris
    decorative evergreen shrubs of woody vines
    genus Rhododendron
    large genus of evergreen shrubs native to cooler regions of the northern hemisphere having showy flowers
    Azaleastrum, subgenus Azalea, subgenus Azaleastrum
    group of evergreen or deciduous shrubs formerly considered a separate genus; now included in the genus Rhododendron
    Vaccinium, genus Vaccinium
    evergreen or deciduous berry-bearing shrubs of northern hemisphere: cranberries; blueberries
    genus Diapensia
    type genus of Diapensiaceae
    genus Galax
    evergreen herbs of southeastern United States
    Pyxidanthera, genus Pyxidanthera
    one species: pyxie; the eastern United States
    genus Shortia
    evergreen perennial herbs of North America and eastern Asia: oconee bells
    genus Epacris
    type genus of the Epacridaceae: Australian heath
    Astroloma, genus Astroloma
    evergreen shrubs of Australia and Tasmania
    Richea, genus Richea
    evergreen trees or shrubs of mountains of Australia and Tasmania
    Styphelia, genus Styphelia
    Australian heathlike shrubs
    genus Pyrola
    short-stemmed perennial herbs of cool or temperate regions: wintergreen; shinleaf
    Orthilia, genus Orthilia
    a shrubby perennial rhizomatous evergreen herb; grows in damp coniferous woodlands in northern temperate regions
    Chimaphila, genus Chimaphila
    small genus of evergreen herbs with long creeping rootstocks and shining leaves; North America; Europe; east Asia
    Moneses, genus Moneses
    one species: one-flowered wintergreen; sometimes included in genus Pyrola
    Monotropa, genus Monotropa
    leafless fleshy saprophytic plants; in some classifications placed in the family Pyrolaceae
    Hypopitys, genus Hypopitys
    term used in some classifications for the pinesaps, which are usually included in the genus Monotropa
    Sarcodes, genus Sarcodes
    snow plant; in some classifications placed in family Pyrolaceae
    genus Begonia
    large genus of tropical succulent plants widely cultivated
    genus Dillenia
    East Indian and Australian shrubs and trees having panicles of large white or yellow flowers
    Hibbertia, genus Hibbertia
    evergreen heathlike or scandent shrubs of Madagascar; Australasia; Polynesia
    Calophyllum, genus Calophyllum
    genus of tropical evergreen trees
    genus Clusia
    tropical American aromatic trees or shrubs; often epiphytic; some stranglers
    Garcinia, genus Garcinia
    evergreen trees and shrubs: mangosteens
    Hypericum, genus Hypericum
    large almost cosmopolitan genus of evergreen or deciduous shrubs and herbs with often showy yellow flowers; cosmopolitan except tropical lowlands and Arctic or high altitudes and desert regions
    Mammea, genus Mammea
    American and Asiatic trees having edible one-seeded fruit
    Mesua, genus Mesua
    genus of tropical Asiatic trees having large solitary flowers
    Actinidia, genus Actinidia
    small Asiatic woody vine bearing many-seeded fruit
    genus Canella
    one species
    Carica, genus Carica
    type genus of the Caricaceae; tropical American trees: papayas
    Caryocar, genus Caryocar
    type genus of the Caryocaraceae; South American trees yielding strong fine-grained wood and edible nuts
    Cistus, genus Cistus
    small to medium-sized evergreen shrubs of southern Europe and North Africa
    genus Helianthemum
    widely distributed evergreen or semi-evergreen shrublets; America; Europe and North Africa to Asia Minor and central Asia
    Hudsonia, genus Hudsonia
    small evergreen subshrubs of North America
    Shorea, genus Shorea
    genus of Indonesian and Malaysian timber trees rich in resin
    Flacourtia, genus Flacourtia
    often spiny trees or shrubs of tropical Asia and Africa
    Dovyalis, genus Dovyalis
    small genus of sometimes spiny shrubs or small trees; Africa; India; Sri Lanka
    Hydnocarpus, Taraktagenos, Taraktogenos, genus Hydnocarpus, genus Taraktagenos, genus Taraktogenos
    medium to large Indonesian and Malaysian trees
    genus Idesia
    one species
    Kiggelaria, genus Kiggelaria
    small genus of South African shrubs or small trees
    genus Xylosma
    genus of tropical American and Asiatic spiny evergreen trees and shrubs
    Fouquieria, genus Fouquieria
    resinous succulent trees or shrubs of desert and semidesert regions of southwestern United States that are leafless most of the year
    Ochna, genus Ochna
    type genus of Ochnaceae; evergreen trees and shrubs of Old World tropics
    Passiflora, genus Passiflora
    type genus of the Passifloraceae
    genus Reseda
    Old World genus of herbs having racemose flowers: mignonette; dyer's rocket
    Tamarix, genus Tamarix
    genus of deciduous shrubs or small trees of eastern Mediterranean regions and tropical Asia
    Myricaria, genus Myricaria
    small genus of deciduous shrubs or subshrubs of southern Europe to Siberia and China; tolerant of chalky soil
    Viola, genus Viola
    large genus of flowering herbs of temperate regions
    Hybanthus, genus Hybanthus
    a genus of herbs and small shrubs with white or purple flowers; grows in tropical or subtropical regions
    Hymenanthera, genus Hymenanthera
    a genus of slender evergreen shrubs; grow in Australia and New Zealand
    Melicytus, genus Melicytus
    a genus of deciduous shrubs or trees; fruit is a berry; grow in New Zealand and Fiji and Solomon Islands
    Santalum, genus Santalum
    parasitic trees of Indonesia and Malaysia
    genus Buckleya
    small genus of Asiatic and American parasitic shrubs
    Comandra, genus Comandra
    small genus of chiefly North American parasitic plants
    Eucarya, Fusanus, genus Eucarya, genus Fusanus
    quandong trees
    Pyrularia, genus Pyrularia
    small genus of chiefly Asiatic parasitic shrubs
    Loranthus, genus Loranthus
    type genus of the Loranthaceae: 1 species
    Arceuthobium, genus Arceuthobium
    genus of chiefly American plants parasitic on conifers
    Nuytsia, genus Nuytsia
    one species
    Viscum, genus Viscum
    type genus of the Viscaceae: Old World evergreen shrubs parasitic on many trees including oaks but especially apple trees, poplars, aspens and cottonwoods
    Phoradendron, genus Phoradendron
    any of various American parasitic plants similar to Old World mistletoe: false mistletoe
    genus Camellia
    tropical Asiatic evergreen shrubs or small trees
    Corydalis sempervirens, Fumaria sempervirens, Roman wormwood, rock harlequin
    glaucous herb of northeastern United States and Canada having loose racemes of yellow-tipped pink flowers; sometimes placed in genus Fumaria
    Corydalis solida, fumeroot, fumewort
    herb of northern Europe and Asia having erect racemes of red flowers
    type of:
    dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus
    genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
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