1. Dolichotis patagonum hare-like rodent of the pampas of Argentina
  2. chiasma opticum the crossing of the optic nerves from the two eyes at the base of the brain
  3. Coccus hesperidum pest on citrus trees
  4. touch system typewriting in which the fingers are trained to hit particular keys; typist can read and type at the same time
  5. tax system a legal system for assessing and collecting taxes
  6. Toxostoma thrashers
  7. Texas leaguer (baseball) a fly ball that falls between and infielder and an outfielder
  8. casuistical of or relating to or practicing casuistry
  9. Taxus baccata predominant yew in Europe
  10. Aegospotami a river in ancient Thrace
  11. take stage attract attention onto oneself
  12. ghost gum small to medium-sized tree of Australia and Tasmania having smooth white to light-grey bark shedding in patches or strips
  13. Loxostege garden webworms
  14. Taxopsida yews: in some systems classified as a class (Taxopsida) and in others as a subdivision (Taxophytina) used in some classifications for one of five subdivisions of Gymnospermophyta
  15. Texas Ranger a member of the Texas state highway patrol
  16. Taxus cuspidata shrubby hardy evergreen of China and Japan having lustrous dark green foliage; cultivated in the eastern United States
  17. gynostegium the crown of the stamen in plants of the genus Asclepias
  18. transparent gem a gemstone having the property of transmitting light without serious diffusion
  19. despotical belonging to or having the characteristics of a despot
  20. Texas star prairie herb with solitary lilac-colored flowers

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