Desertification is what happens to land when it becomes dried out and is no longer habitable. During the Dust Bowl, a period of massive dust storms in the 1930s, farmland in the Great Plains became barren through desertification.

The word desertification is made up of the Latin suffix -ficationem meaning "to make, do" tagged to the end of the word desert. The process of desertification is the process of making or turning an area of land into a desert. This usually happens because of a change in the climate or in the ways in which the land was used. Poor agricultural practices can damage land to the point of desertification.

Definitions of desertification

n the gradual transformation of habitable land into desert; is usually caused by climate change or by destructive use of the land

“the dust storms in Korea are the result of rapid desertification in China”
Type of:
geologic process, geological process
(geology) a natural process whereby geological features are modified

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