Depravity goes beyond mere bad behavior — it is a total lack of morals, values, and even regard for other living things, like the depravity of a serial killer.

You can see the verb deprave in depravity. To deprave is to make something bad, often to the point of moral corruption, like the parental fear that a bad influence will deprave their good kids. So, depravity is behavior that is morally corrupt or otherwise deemed wicked. Don't confuse depravity with deprivation, meaning "being denied something that is necessary."

Definitions of depravity
  1. noun
    moral perversion; impairment of virtue and moral principles
    synonyms: corruption, degeneracy, depravation, putrefaction
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    type of:
    the quality of not being in accord with standards of right or good conduct
  2. noun
    a corrupt or depraved or degenerate act or practice
    synonyms: turpitude
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    type of:
    evildoing, transgression
    the act of transgressing; the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle
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