To demilitarize is to remove all armed forces from an area. When a country brings its troops home at the end of a war, they demilitarize the region.

When a government removes its military forces, it demilitarizes the area those troops once occupied. This can happen because a conflict has ended, or for political or financial reasons. Removing military-grade weapons is also known as demilitarizing. If you retrofitted an old Army tank to be a food truck, you'd need to demilitarize it first. Demilitarize is made up of the prefix de-, or "not," and militarize, from the Latin militaris, "warlike."

Definitions of demilitarize
  1. verb
    do away with the military organization and potential of
    synonyms: demilitarise
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    militarise, militarize
    lend a military character to (a country), as by building up a military force
    neutralise, neutralize
    make incapable of military action
    type of:
    disarm, unarm
    take away the weapons from; render harmless
  2. verb
    remove offensive capability from
    synonyms: demilitarise, disarm
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    arm, build up, fortify, gird
    prepare oneself for a military confrontation
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