Delineated describes something that has been clearly portrayed or accurately represented. Read a love letter in which your admirer’s feelings are delineated, and you don’t have any doubt how the author feels about you.

The word delineated can describe something — like a diagram or map — that was literally drawn clearly. More often, you will hear the word in relation to something less tangible — like how a character in a novel is delineated, or depicted, by an author, or a politician who gave a speech in which her position was delineated, or defined. You might try to remember the word delineated by thinking of it as something with clearly defined lines.

Definitions of delineated
  1. adjective
    represented accurately or precisely
    synonyms: delineate, represented
    depicted, pictured, portrayed
    represented graphically by sketch or design or lines
    represented in words especially with sharpness and detail
    diagrammatic, diagrammatical
    shown or represented by diagrams
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    not represented accurately or precisely
    undepicted, unpictured
    not pictured
    not represented in a drawing
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