1. diviner someone who claims to discover hidden knowledge with the aid of supernatural powers
  2. definite precise; explicit and clearly defined
  3. defiler a person or organization that causes pollution of the environment
  4. defined showing clearly the outline or profile or boundary
  5. refiner one whose work is to refine a specific thing
  6. define show the form or outline of
  7. defender a person who cares for persons or property
  8. debonair having a sophisticated charm
  9. defiance a hostile challenge
  10. refinery an industrial plant for purifying a crude substance
  11. defamer one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel
  12. defence the act of shielding someone or something against attack
  13. defense the act of guarding someone or something against attack
  14. defiant boldly resisting authority or an opposing force
  15. Defense the federal department responsible for safeguarding national security of the United States; created in 1947
  16. defang remove the fangs from
  17. defend protect against a challenge or attack
  18. denier one who denies
  19. devoir formal expression of respect
  20. Fafnir (Norse mythology) the Norse dragon that guarded a treasure and was slain by Sigurd

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