To defibrillate is to use a specialized machine that zaps electricity into a person's erratically-beating heart. Doctors and EMTs sometimes have to defibrillate patients having heart attacks.

The verb defibrillate comes from defibrillation and its roots, de-, "undo-, and fibrillation, "beating in an abnormal way." So when a patient's heartbeat is dangerously abnormal, doctors will sometimes defibrillate it to shock it back into a normal rhythm. The tool they use to perform this procedure is a defibrillator.

Definitions of defibrillate

v stop the fibrillation and restore normal contractions, usually by means of electric shocks

“The patient's heart had to be defibrillated to save his life”
Type of:
reconstruct, restore
return to its original or usable and functioning condition

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