The verb defenestrate describes throwing someone or something out of a window. Drivers who defenestrate gum wrappers may not think they're littering, but they are.

The Latin word for window, fenestra, is the origin of defenestrate, as well as a historical incident in 1618 in which some Protestants threw Catholics out a window, starting the Thirty Years War and becoming known as the "Defenestration of Prague."If you're so furious that you throw your television out the window of your house, you can put an impressive spin on it when you later explain, "I felt the need to defenestrate my television."

Definitions of defenestrate
  1. verb
    throw through or out of a window
    “The rebels stormed the palace and defenestrated the President”
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    type of:
    propel through the air
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