A debriefing is a thorough report given by a spy, government agent, or soldier after a mission has ended. During a debriefing, the subject is usually questioned extensively.

While a debriefing is typically used for a supervisor to gain as much information as possible about secret, dangerous, or controversial missions, there are also other types of debriefings. After a natural disaster or other traumatic event, counselors sometimes hold debriefings, allowing victims to reflect and deal with trauma. The word was first used in the US military toward the end of World War Two, from the sense of brief that means "inform or instruct."

Definitions of debriefing
  1. noun
    report of a mission or task
    see moresee less
    type of:
    examination, interrogation, interrogatory
    formal systematic questioning
    account, report
    the act of informing by verbal report
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