Something that's deathly reminds you of death. If you dress up as a ghost for Halloween, the makeup on your cheeks might turn your face a deathy shade of gray.

A spooky silence can be described as deathly silent, and an unhealthy skin color is often called a deathly pallor. When you shiver, your friend might take your hand and say, "You have a deathly chill." An older meaning of deathly, used especially in literature, was "causing death." The Old English root word is deaĆ¾lic, "mortal."

Definitions of deathly

adj having the physical appearance of death

“a deathly pallor”
no longer having or seeming to have or expecting to have life

adj causing or capable of causing death

deadly, mortal
bringing death

adv to a degree resembling death

“he was deathly pale”

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