1. matador the principal bullfighter who is appointed to make the final passes and kill the bull
  2. dictator a ruler who is unconstrained by law
  3. natator a person who travels through the water by swimming
  4. tidewater low-lying coastal land drained by tidal streams
  5. Tidewater the coastal plain of the South: eastern parts of Virginia and North Carolina and South Carolina and Georgia
  6. detonator a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive; can be used to initiate the reaction of a disrupting explosive
  7. statutory relating to or created by regulations
  8. testator a person who makes a will
  9. stator mechanical device consisting of the stationary part of a motor or generator in or around which the rotor revolves
  10. paradox a statement that contradicts itself
  11. dated marked by features of the immediate and usually discounted past
  12. titrator an apparatus for performing a titration
  13. Tatar a member of the Turkic-speaking people living from the Volga to the Ural Mountains (the name has been attributed to many other groups)
  14. Tudor an English dynasty descended from Henry Tudor
  15. radiator heater consisting of a series of pipes for circulating steam
  16. data track (computer science) one of the circular magnetic paths on a magnetic disk that serve as a guide for writing and reading data
  17. toreador someone who fights bulls
  18. rotatory of or relating to or characteristic or causing an axial or orbital turn
  19. candor the quality of being honest and straightforward
  20. laudatory full of or giving praise