You dabble when you are a little bit involved in an activity, such as an art form or a hobby. Maybe you only dabble in mystery novels, but you are very knowledgeable about comic books.

The word dabble can also often relate to water. It can mean “to splash playfully,” or “to get just a little wet.” A bird can also dabble in water by dipping its bill into it. Each of these meanings of dabble is often followed by the word in. For example, a duck may dabble in the water (and then dribble a few drops afterward from its bill), and you may dabble in shrubbery art.

Definitions of dabble
  1. verb
    bob forward and under so as to feed off the bottom of a body of water
    dabbling ducks”
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    type of:
    move up and down repeatedly
  2. verb
    dip a foot or hand briefly into a liquid
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    type of:
    dip, douse, dunk, plunge, souse
    immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate
  3. verb
    play in or as if in water, as of small children
    synonyms: paddle, splash around
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    type of:
    be at play; be engaged in playful activity; amuse oneself in a way characteristic of children
  4. verb
    work with in an amateurish manner
    “She dabbles in astronomy”
    synonyms: play around, smatter
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    type of:
    busy, occupy
    keep busy with
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