Though day-to-day weather changes are unpredictable, nature’s seasons can always be counted on to move in cyclical or predictable patterns.

Cyclical is used to describe things that are regularly patterned or that occur in regular intervals. The root of cyclical is “cycle” which means movement in a circular fashion, or the circular fashion itself. Planets orbit the sun in cyclical patterns, the moon’s phases are cyclical as well. Some stock brokers say that the market is cyclical, but that may be just a way of telling people to keep investing when it's down.

Definitions of cyclical
  1. adjective
    recurring in cycles
    synonyms: cyclic
    alternate, alternating
    occurring by turns; first one and then the other
    every second one of a series
    circular, orbitual, rotary
    describing a circle; moving in a circle
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    noncyclic, noncyclical
    not cyclic
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