A customer is anyone paying for a good or service. Without customers, businesses would go out of business.

When you're paying for just about anything, you're a customer. People shopping at the grocery store, sitting in coffee shops, going to movies, and buying DVDs online are all customers. The point of advertising is to drum up new customers for a business. There's a cliché that "The customer is always right," which is obviously not true, but shows how businesses try to make customers happy. They'd better. Without customers, any business is in deep trouble.

Definitions of customer
  1. noun
    someone who pays for goods or services
    synonyms: client
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    buyer, emptor, purchaser, vendee
    a person who buys
    a customer of a hotel or restaurant etc.
    frequenter, patron
    a regular customer
    a person who holds an insurance policy; usually, the client in whose name an insurance policy is written
    someone who visits stores in search of articles to buy
    disburser, expender, spender
    someone who spends money to purchase goods or services
    reader, subscriber
    someone who contracts to receive and pay for a service or a certain number of issues of a publication
    one who accepts an offer
    a customer to whom a warrant or guarantee is given
    bargain hunter
    a shopper who hunts for bargains
    customer agent
    a foreign purchaser who buys goods outright for resale
    home buyer
    someone buying a house
    a guest who fails to notify a hotel or restaurant when canceling a reservation
    a patron of the opera
    someone who places an order to buy
    a guest who stays overnight
    fixture, habitue, regular
    a regular patron
    a compulsive shopper
    type of:
    a person who uses goods or services
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