1. crisis a crucial stage or turning point in the course of something
  2. curious eager to investigate and learn or learn more
  3. cursory hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough
  4. cursor (computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display; moving it allows the user to point to commands or screen positions
  5. catharsis purging the body to stimulate evacuation of the bowels
  6. Croesus last king of Lydia (died in 546 BC)
  7. curse an appeal to some supernatural power to inflict evil
  8. cross a marking that consists of lines that intersect each other
  9. Carassius goldfish
  10. cursed in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell
  11. coriaceous resembling or made to resemble leather; tough but pliable
  12. curiosa books on strange or unusual subjects (especially erotica)
  13. course a connected series of events or actions or developments
  14. gross lacking fine distinctions or detail
  15. Cursorius coursers
  16. curst deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier
  17. crustose (of lichens) having a thin crusty thallus that adheres closely to the surface on which it is growing
  18. Curtis English botanical writer and publisher (1746-1799)
  19. Carson United States frontiersman who guided Fremont's expeditions in the 1840s and served as a Union general in the American Civil War (1809-1868)
  20. curiosity a state in which you want to learn more about something