cum laude

Use the adjective cum laude to mean "with honors," especially in the context of a high school or university graduation honor.

Most schools offer different levels of graduation honors, from cum laude to summa cum laude, or "highest honors." This distinction was first used at what was then Harvard College, in 1869. If you graduate from high school cum laude, you should be proud, since it means your grades were high enough to distinguish you as one of the best students in your class. The literal Latin translation of cum laude is "with praise," and it's pronounced with a long e sound at the end.

Definitions of cum laude
  1. adverb
    with honor
    “he graduated cum laude
  2. adjective
    with honor; with academic distinction
    “a cum laude graduate”
    having worth or merit or value; being honorable or admirable
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