Something that's crushing is terribly upsetting or overwhelming. Your favorite team's crushing loss to its rival comes as a huge, disappointing surprise.

The adjective crushing can be used to describe physical devastation, like a boxer's crushing blow to his opponent's face, but it more often describes a humiliating or dismaying situation. Bad news might be a crushing blow, and being turned down for a date to the prom could feel like a crushing rejection. Crushing comes from the Old French cruissir, a variation on croissir, "to gnash, crash, or break."

Definitions of crushing

adj physically or spiritually devastating; often used in combination

“a crushing blow”
“a crushing rejection”
“bone- crushing
causing destruction or much damage

n forceful prevention; putting down by power or authority

quelling, stifling, suppression
severely repressive actions
Type of:
bar, prevention
the act of preventing

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