A crescent is a thin, curved shape that’s thicker in the middle and tapers to thin points at each end, like the little sliver of moon you might notice in the sky.

Crescent was first used to describe the shape of the waxing, or growing moon, and if you listen closely you can hear its similarity to increase. But a crescent can be any thin, curved shape. You might see a crescent of light hitting the pavement or a crescent of beach next to the ocean. Crescent can also act as an adjective describing something that has that shape, like a crescent moon or a crescent roll.

Definitions of crescent
  1. adjective
    having a curved shape that tapers at the ends
    synonyms: crescent-shaped, lunate, semilunar
    curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged
  2. noun
    a curved shape tapers at the ends, like the moon in its first and last quarters
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    type of:
    curve, curved shape
    the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
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