You have credibility when you seem totally trustworthy or believable. You lose it when you start lying, cheating and acting rather shady.

Credibility is a noun that speaks to plausibility or believableness, so the star witness at your trial or the person writing your recommendation letter should certainly have it. Be careful though, because someone with credibility isn't necessarily telling the truth. As any con man or politician can tell you, credibility can easily come from nothing more than a confident smile.

Definitions of credibility

n the quality of being believable or trustworthy

believability, credibleness
incredibility, incredibleness
the quality of being incredible
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authenticity, genuineness, legitimacy
undisputed credibility
cogency, rigor, rigour, validity
the quality of being valid and rigorous
plausibility, plausibleness
apparent validity
cred, street cred, street credibility
credibility among young fashionable urban individuals
real McCoy, real stuff, real thing
informal usage attributing authenticity
reasonableness, tenability, tenableness
the quality of being plausible or acceptable to a reasonable person
Type of:
an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone

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