Definitions of craziness
  1. noun
    informal terms for insanity
    synonyms: daftness, flakiness
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    type of:
    relatively permanent disorder of the mind
  2. noun
    the quality of being rash and foolish
    synonyms: folly, foolishness, madness
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    type of:
    a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience
  3. noun
    foolish or senseless behavior
    synonyms: folly, foolery, indulgence, lunacy, tomfoolery
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    meshugaas, mishegaas, mishegoss
    (Yiddish) craziness; senseless behavior or activity
    buffoonery, clowning, frivolity, harlequinade, japery, prank
    acting like a clown or buffoon
    schtick, schtik, shtick, shtik
    (Yiddish) a prank or piece of clowning
    type of:
    caper, frolic, gambol, play, romp
    gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement
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