Something that can be fixed is corrigible. When you have a chance to go back and fix the mistakes on a math test, any errors you make are corrigible.

Use the adjective corrigible when you want to emphasize that something can be improved or corrected. You might argue that even a country's constitution is corrigible, or hope that your physics midterm is corrigible. A much more common word is incorrigible, which means hopeless or not fixable, but is most often used to describe someone's personality. The Latin corrigere, "to put straight or set right," is the root of both corrigible and incorrigible.

Definitions of corrigible

adj capable of being corrected or set right

“a corrigible defect”
“a corrigible prisoner”
amendable, correctable
capable of being corrected by additions
susceptible of improvement
redeemable, reformable
susceptible to improvement or reform
impervious to correction by punishment
unreformable, unregenerate
unrepentant and incapable of being reformed
uncontrollable, uncorrectable, unmanageable
incapable of being controlled or managed
not obeying or complying with commands of those in authority
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