If your friend wants you to help repair the cornice on his house, you’d better bring a ladder. The cornice is the decorative molding that stretches horizontally along the top of some buildings.

The cornice that you see on some buildings serves as a decorative element and also functions as a way to keep rainwater from dripping down the walls. The cornice juts away from the building enough that the rainwater flows away from the building. Not just for buildings, the word cornice can also describe raised decorative molding right under the ceiling in a room or a similar decorative topping that crowns some windows to hide curtain rods.

Definitions of cornice

n the topmost projecting part of an entablature

Type of:
any structure that branches out from a central support

n a molding at the corner between the ceiling and the top of a wall

Type of:
molding, moulding
a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing

n a decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing

pelmet, valance, valance board
Type of:
a structure supporting or containing something

v furnish with a cornice

Type of:
furnish, provide, render, supply
give something useful or necessary to

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