If you are able to cope with something, you are able to deal with it. If you can cope with waiting in long lines, you'll get the best seats. If you can cope with the stress, you will be excellent at defusing bombs.

From the Old French couper, cope means “come to blows with." Coping can imply struggle, but it’s usually met with success or at the very least, not failure. Another word to describe the balancing act of a mother who takes care of three children while also working part-time and pursuing a graduate degree is coping. “Understanding does not cure evil, but it is a definite help, inasmuch as one can cope with a comprehensible darkness,” warns Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Definitions of cope
  1. verb
    come to terms with
    synonyms: contend, deal, get by, grapple, make do, make out, manage
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    extemporize, improvise
    manage in a makeshift way; do with whatever is at hand
    try to manage without help
    cut, hack
    be able to manage or manage successfully
    rub along, scrape along, scrape by, scratch along, squeak by, squeeze by
    manage one's existence barely
    cope with, match, meet
    satisfy or fulfill
    type of:
    act, move
    perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
  2. noun
    a long cloak; worn by a priest or bishop on ceremonial occasions
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    type of:
    a loose outer garment
  3. noun
    brick that is laid sideways at the top of a wall
    synonyms: coping, header
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    type of:
    rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material
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