Continence refers to self control. It’s the ability to hold it all in.

The word continence come from the Latin continentia which means "a holding back.” It hasn’t changed much — continence means holding back bodily functions. It’s often used in the negative, incontinence, which describes a situation you get into with babies or sick people, where they can’t control their bowels. In another sense, continence is a little like abstinence, but while abstinence is refraining from sex, usually for a religious reason, continence refers to the ability to do so.

Definitions of continence
  1. noun
    voluntary control over urinary and fecal discharge
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    type of:
    control, restraint
    discipline in personal and social activities
  2. noun
    the exercise of self constraint in sexual matters
    synonyms: continency
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    type of:
    self-denial, self-discipline
    the trait of practicing self discipline
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