1. contextual definition a definition in which the term is used by embedding it in a larger expression containing its explanation
  2. ostensive definition a definition that points out or exhibits instances of the term defined
  3. dictionary definition a definition that reports the standard uses of a word or phrase or symbol
  4. stipulative definition a definition that is stipulated by someone and that is not a standard usage
  5. conceptualisation inventing or contriving an idea or explanation and formulating it mentally
  6. conceptualization inventing or contriving an idea or explanation
  7. contextualism any doctrine emphasizing the importance of the context in solving problems or establishing the meaning of terms
  8. contravention coming into conflict with
  9. contestation a contentious speech act
  10. explicit definition a definition that gives an exact equivalent of the term defined
  11. congenital defect a defect that is present at birth
  12. single-valued function (mathematics) a mathematical relation such that each element of a given set (the domain of the function) is associated with an element of another set (the range of the function)
  13. contact action acceleration of a chemical reaction induced the presence of material that is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction
  14. magnetic declination the angle between magnetic north and true north
  15. Pentecostal religion any fundamentalist Protestant Church that uses revivalistic methods to achieve experiences comparable to the Pentecostal experiences of the first Christian disciples
  16. contextually in a manner dependent on context
  17. text edition a book prepared for use in schools or colleges
  18. continental divide the watershed of a continent
  19. contextual relating to the set of facts surrounding a situation
  20. Constitutional Convention the convention of United States statesmen who drafted the United States Constitution in 1787

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