Consummate means complete, finished, or masterful. If you refer to someone as a consummate chef, then you are saying he is the ultimate chef. If you say someone is a consummate jerk, then you are saying he is the ultimate jerk.

Consummate can be used to describe something good or bad: consummate joy, a consummate liar. To consummate means to bring something to completion, but it often refers specifically to making a marriage complete by having sexual relations. The adjective is pronounced KÄN-sə-mit, but the verb is pronounced KÄN-sə-māt.

Definitions of consummate
  1. adjective
    having or revealing supreme mastery or skill
    “a consummate artist”
    consummate skill”
    synonyms: masterful, masterly, virtuoso
    having or showing or requiring special skill
  2. adjective
    perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities
    consummate happiness”
    “a consummate performance”
    synonyms: complete
    being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish
  3. adjective
    without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers
    “a consummate fool”
    synonyms: arrant, complete, double-dyed, everlasting, gross, perfect, pure, sodding, staring, stark, thoroughgoing, unadulterated, utter
    not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; sometimes used as an intensifier
  4. verb
    make perfect; bring to perfection
  5. verb
    fulfill sexually
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