To consternate someone is to worry or alarm them. If your talented pitcher suddenly loses the ability to pitch a single strike, it will consternate the other players on your softball team.

Things that consternate you cause you concern and dismay, sending you into a startled state of confusion. The word comes from the Latin consternat- ("terrified or prostrated"), which derives from another word meaning "throw down." If something is so disorienting and anxiety-provoking that you feel you've been flung to the ground, it consternates you. A pop quiz in your hardest class might consternate you, as might suddenly remembering you have to give a speech you haven't prepared for.

Definitions of consternate
  1. verb
    fill with anxiety, dread, dismay, or confusion
    “After the terrorist attack, people look consternated
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    type of:
    affright, fright, frighten, scare
    cause fear in
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