When you do something conspicuously, you do it in a way that's very obvious or easy to see. If you're conspicuously reading a novel during math class, your teacher will probably notice.

The adverb conspicuously is perfect for describing things that happen in a clear or showy way. If you want to attract attention, you might conspicuously toss water balloons at cars driving by or conspicuously juggle oranges in the grocery store. Conspicuously comes from the adjective conspicuous, or "easily visible," which has a Latin root, conspicuus, "open to view or striking."

Definitions of conspicuously

adv in a manner tending to attract attention

“there have been plenty of general declarations about willingness to meet and talk, but conspicuously no mention of time and place”
in a manner intended to avoid attracting attention

adv in a prominent way


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