Use the adjective considerable to describe something that is large in amount. Things you probably spend a considerable amount of time on: homework and laundry. Things you'd rather spend time on: anything that isn't homework and laundry!

The adjective considerable can describe something of importance and is worthy of notice or respect. If you are an excellent singer, dancer, musician, writer, or similar profession, people may ask you to donate your considerable talents to charitable causes. If you're not an excellent singer, dancer, musician, or writer, they will still ask you to donate, but they are more likely to ask for money!

Definitions of considerable

adj large or relatively large in number or amount or extent or degree

“a considerable quantity”
“the economy was a considerable issue in the campaign”
“went to considerable trouble for us”
“spent a considerable amount of time on the problem”
enough to be estimated or measured
goodish, goodly, healthy, hefty, respectable, sizable, sizeable, tidy
large in amount or extent or degree
right smart
(Southern or Midland) considerable
significant, substantial
fairly large
big, large
above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent
too small or unimportant to merit attention

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