1. conservative resistant to change
  2. conservatory a schoolhouse with special facilities for fine arts
  3. conservation of energy the fundamental principle of physics that the total energy of an isolated system is constant despite internal changes
  4. conservancy the official conservation of trees and soil and rivers etc.
  5. kinetic energy the mechanical energy that a body has by virtue of motion
  6. conservator the curator of a collection, as in a museum or library
  7. conservatoire a schoolhouse with special facilities for fine arts
  8. Conservative Jew Jew who keeps some requirements of Mosaic law but adapts others to suit modern circumstances
  9. conservatively in a conservative manner
  10. conservation careful management of the environment and natural resources
  11. nuclear energy the energy released by a nuclear reaction
  12. genus Hardenbergia small genus of Australian woody vines with small violet flowers; closely related to genus Kennedia
  13. conservationist someone who works to protect the environment
  14. conserve keep in safety and protect from harm, loss, or destruction
  15. conservation of charge the principle that the total electric charge of a system remains constant despite changes inside the system
  16. unswerving going directly from one point to another
  17. waste of energy a useless effort
  18. cancer drug any of several drugs that control or kill neoplastic cells
  19. genus Irvingia wild mango
  20. conserved protected from harm or loss