Conformation can mean following the rules, or fitting in. Competitions require conformation from competitors who must follow the rules of the game. You might note water's conformation to the shape of whatever container that holds it.

Conformation has its base in the word conform, which means to follow the rules, or behave in such a way that you fit in, in a social or a spatial way (i.e. adjusting to something else's contours). Conformation should not be confused with confirmation, which means showing the truth or accuracy of something. The two words do have similar religious meanings though. Conformation refers to complying with the rules of a church, while confirmation means a person's full entry into the Christian belief.

Definitions of conformation
  1. noun
    acting according to certain accepted standards
    synonyms: abidance, compliance, conformity
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    disobedience, noncompliance
    the failure to obey
    nonconformance, nonconformity
    failure to conform to accepted standards of behavior
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    compliance with formal rules
    acting in conformity
    honoring, observance
    conformity with law or custom or practice etc.
    conformity or harmony
    strict observance of formalities
    type of:
    joint operation or action
  2. noun
    any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline)
    synonyms: configuration, contour, form, shape
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    keenness, sharpness
    thinness of edge or fineness of point
    bluntness, dullness
    without sharpness or clearness of edge or point
    the configuration of a surface and the relations among its man-made and natural features
    the property of having lobules
    concaveness, concavity
    the property possessed by a concave shape
    convexity, convexness
    the property possessed by a convex shape
    the property possessed by a shape that has angles
    an instance of becoming narrow
    curvature, curve
    the property possessed by the curving of a line or surface
    the property possessed by a line or surface that is curved and not angular
    freedom from crooks or curves or bends or angles
    having or distinguished by crooks or curves or bends or angles
    a layered configuration
    the quality of having a sharp edge or point
    the quality of lacking a sharp edge or point
    the property of having a sunken area
    bulginess, roundedness
    the property possessed by a rounded convexity
    (biology) a narrowing or constriction of a vessel or canal; especially a congenital narrowing of the aorta
    the property possessed by a shape that narrows toward a point (as a wedge or cone)
    oblongness, rectangularity
    the property of being shaped like a rectangle
    the property of being shaped like a triangle
    globosity, globularness, rotundity, rotundness, sphericalness, sphericity
    the roundness of a 3-dimensional object
    cylindricality, cylindricalness
    the roundness of a 3-dimensional cylinder
    circularity, disk shape
    the roundness of a 2-dimensional figure
    curliness, waviness
    (of hair) a tendency to curl
    (of hair) lack of a tendency to curl
    bottleneck, chokepoint, constriction
    a narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel
    type of:
    spatial property, spatiality
    any property relating to or occupying space
  3. noun
    a symmetrical arrangement of the parts of a thing
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    type of:
    balance, counterbalance, equilibrium, equipoise
    equality of distribution
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