A condominium is a building made up of privately owned apartments. Your grandparents might decide to move into a condominium in Florida.

A condominium is split into units, which can be apartments, floors of houses, or even entire houses — each of these units is also a condominium. Rather than renting from a landlord, the way you do with an apartment, each occupant owns his or her individual condominium, and they all contribute money each month for maintenance and upkeep. The Modern Latin meaning of condominium is "joint rule or sovereignty," combining com-, "together," and dominum, "right of ownership."

Definitions of condominium

n housing consisting of a complex of dwelling units (as an apartment house) in which each unit is individually owned

Type of:
housing, living accommodations, lodging
structures collectively in which people are housed

n one of the dwelling units in a condominium

Type of:
abode, domicile, dwelling, dwelling house, habitation, home
housing that someone is living in

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