Definitions of conditioning
  1. noun
    a learning process in which an organism's behavior becomes dependent on the occurrence of a stimulus in its environment
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    experimental extinction, extinction
    a conditioning process in which the reinforcer is removed and a conditioned response becomes independent of the conditioned stimulus
    aversive conditioning
    conditioning to avoid an aversive stimulus
    classical conditioning
    conditioning that pairs a neutral stimulus with a stimulus that evokes a reflex; the stimulus that evokes the reflex is given whether or not the conditioned response occurs until eventually the neutral stimulus comes to evoke the reflex
    operant conditioning
    conditioning in which an operant response is brought under stimulus control by virtue of presenting reinforcement contingent upon the occurrence of the operant response
    counter conditioning
    conditioning in which a second incompatible response is conditioned to an already conditioned stimulus
    instrumental conditioning
    operant conditioning that pairs a response with a reinforcement in discrete trials; reinforcement occurs only after the response is given
    type of:
    acquisition, learning
    the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge
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