1. competitor the contestant you hope to defeat
  2. compositor's case (printing) the receptacle in which a compositor has his type, which is divided into compartments for the different letters, spaces, or numbers
  3. computer system a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage
  4. competitiveness an aggressive willingness to compete
  5. competitory involving competition or competitiveness
  6. computing system a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage
  7. computer code (computer science) the symbolic arrangement of data or instructions in a computer program or the set of such instructions
  8. computer store a store that sells computers to the small businessperson or personal user
  9. combat neurosis a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare
  10. computer mouse a hand-operated electronic device that controls the coordinates of a cursor on your computer screen as you move it around on a pad; on the bottom of the device is a ball that rolls on the surface of the pad
  11. compatriot a person from your own country
  12. computer display a screen used to display the output of a computer to the user
  13. compressed pressed tightly together
  14. competitive involving rivalry over something
  15. competent properly or sufficiently qualified, capable, or efficient
  16. impetuous characterized by undue haste and lack of thought
  17. computer accessory an accessory for a computer
  18. computer user a person who uses computers for work or entertainment or communication or business
  19. metatarsus the skeleton of the human foot between the toes and the tarsus; the corresponding part of the foot in birds or of the hind foot in quadrupeds
  20. competition the act of contending with others for rewards or resources