come out

Definitions of come out
  1. verb
    appear or become visible; make a showing
    synonyms: come on, show up, surface, turn up
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    type of:
    come into sight or view
  2. verb
    be issued or published
    synonyms: appear
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    type of:
    happen, materialise, materialize
    come into being; become reality
  3. verb
    make oneself visible; take action
    synonyms: come forward, come to the fore, step forward, step to the fore, step up
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    type of:
    act, move
    perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
  4. verb
    come out of
    “The words seemed to come out by themselves”
    synonyms: come forth, egress, emerge, go forth, issue
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    pop out
    come out suddenly or forcefully
    issue or emerge in rays or waves
    enter or escape as through a hole or crack or fissure
    issue or leak, as from a small opening
    come out; issue
    pass out or emerge; especially of rivers
    fall out
    come off
  5. verb
    come off
    synonyms: fall out
  6. verb
    break out
    synonyms: break through, erupt, push through
    appear on the skin
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    burst or split open
    type of:
    come into sight or view
  7. verb
    result or end
    synonyms: turn out
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    come out in the end
    work out
    happen in a certain way, leading to, producing, or resulting in a certain outcome, often well
    type of:
    cease, end, finish, stop, terminate
    have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical
  8. verb
    take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal
    synonyms: come in, place
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    type of:
    take or have a position relative to others
  9. verb
    bulge outward
    synonyms: bug out, bulge, bulge out, pop, pop out, protrude, start
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    type of:
    change form, change shape, deform
    assume a different shape or form
  10. verb
    be made known; be disclosed or revealed
    synonyms: out
  11. verb
    to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality
    synonyms: come out of the closet, out
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    type of:
    break, bring out, disclose, discover, divulge, expose, give away, let on, let out, reveal, unwrap
    make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret
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