Coleslaw is a salad or side dish made of shredded cabbage and sometimes other shredded vegetables. Coleslaw is often served on the side with fried fish, barbecued meat, or a sandwich.

Most coleslaw is made creamy with the addition of mayonnaise, or dressed with oil and vinegar. You can add shredded carrots, onions, peppers, red cabbage, or other vegetables to coleslaw, and season it with various herbs and spices. Coleslaw is an American English word from the 18th century, based on the Dutch koolsla, combining kool, "cabbage," and sla, "salad."

Definitions of coleslaw

n a salad made with raw, shredded cabbage

Type of:
food mixtures either arranged on a plate or tossed and served with a moist dressing; usually consisting of or including greens

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