1. cognitive relating to or involving the mental process of knowing
  2. Contopus pewees
  3. content satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are
  4. contiguous having a common boundary or edge
  5. kinetics the branch of mechanics concerned with the forces that cause motions of bodies
  6. contagious capable of being transmitted by infection
  7. continuous moving in time or space without interruption
  8. Contras a Nicaraguan counterrevolutionary guerrilla force from 1979 to 1990; it opposed a left-wing government, with support from the United States
  9. countless very many; too numerous to be numbered
  10. common topaz a yellow quartz
  11. kindness the quality of being warmhearted and considerate and humane
  12. condense cause a gas or vapor to change into a liquid
  13. quintipara (obstetrics) woman who has given birth to a viable infant in each of five pregnancies
  14. quintuple having five units or components
  15. coincidence the property of two things happening at the same time
  16. countable that can be counted
  17. constipate impede with a clog or as if with a clog
  18. kinetosis the state of being dizzy or nauseated because of the motions that occur while traveling in or on a moving vehicle
  19. conducive tending to bring about; being partly responsible for
  20. second base the base that must be touched second by a base runner in baseball