To clothe someone is to give them something to wear, or to dress them in clothing. If you clothe your dog in cute outfits, you may traumatize him for life.

You can clothe yourself, or someone else — for example, you might clothe yourself in black for a relative's funeral or clothe yourself in sequins and feathers for the school dance. You can also figuratively clothe someone or something, lending them a sense of power or respectability. Clothe shares a root with clothing and cloth, the Old English claþ, "cloth or sail," and also "woven material to wrap around oneself."

Definitions of clothe

v provide with clothes or put clothes on

apparel, dress, enclothe, fit out, garb, garment, habilitate, raiment, tog
dress, get dressed
put on clothes
discase, disrobe, peel, strip, strip down, uncase, unclothe, undress
get undressed
disinvest, divest, strip, undress
remove (someone's or one's own) clothes
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prim, prim out, prim up
dress primly
cover, wrap up
clothe, as if for protection from the elements
put a jacket on
put a frock on
put a shirt on
put a habit on
provide or cover with a cloak
overclothe, overdress
dress too warmly
dress without sufficient warmth
dress with a corset
furnish with shoes
cover or provide with a coat
costume, dress up
dress in a costume
robe, vest
clothe formally; especially in ecclesiastical robes
dress in a gown
Type of:
change state, turn
undergo a transformation or a change of position or action

v furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors

adorn, invest
Type of:
equip, fit, fit out, outfit
provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose

v cover as if with clothing

“the mountain was clothed in tropical trees”
cloak, drape, robe
Type of:
cover, spread over
form a cover over

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