1. perseverance the act of persisting
  2. close-grained dense or compact in structure or texture, as a wood composed of small-diameter cells
  3. Gaylussacia frondosa huckleberry of the eastern United States with pink flowers and sweet blue fruit
  4. cold front the front of an advancing mass of colder air
  5. sovereignty the authority of a state to govern another state
  6. lady friend a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved
  7. closeup lens a photographic lens with a short focal length used to take pictures at short ranges
  8. close order a military formation for drill or marching
  9. closed-ring having atoms linked by bonds represented in circular or triangular form
  10. closed fracture an uncomplicated fracture in which the broken bones to not pierce the skin
  11. friend a person you know well and regard with affection and trust
  12. Colossus of Rhodes a huge bronze statue of the sun god Helios that was built around 285 BC and that stood beside the harbor entrance on the island of Rhodes for about 50 years before it was toppled by an earthquake
  13. closed-minded not ready to receive to new ideas
  14. close quarters a situation of being uncomfortably close to someone or something
  15. close-minded not ready to receive to new ideas
  16. Glyceria grandis a pasture grass of moist places throughout North America
  17. glossy-furred having glossy hair
  18. close at hand close in space; within reach
  19. closeness the spatial property resulting from a relatively small distance
  20. closefisted unwilling to part with money

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