If you hear the clarion call of the stage, it means you want to be an actor. Clarion means loud and clear, and a clarion call is a call to something that is hard to ignore.

A clarion is a medieval horn with a clear sound. Hard to ignore, but also pure and clear in tone. There's nothing shrill about a "clarion call." Martin Luther King Jr.'s clarion call for all races in the U.S. to live together in peace and harmony has lived on after his death.

Primary Meanings of clarion

loud and clear
a medieval brass instrument with a clear shrill tone
blow the clarion
Full Definitions of clarion

adj loud and clear

“a clarion call”
characterized by or producing sound of great volume or intensity

n a medieval brass instrument with a clear shrill tone

Type of:
brass, brass instrument
a wind instrument that consists of a brass tube (usually of variable length) that is blown by means of a cup-shaped or funnel-shaped mouthpiece

v blow the clarion

Type of:
perform music on (a musical instrument)

v proclaim on, or as if on, a clarion

Type of:
exclaim, proclaim, promulgate
state or announce

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