To choreograph is to make a dance, designing each move for a dancer to perform. Some dancers choreograph their own dances, although usually a choreographer does it.

A dance, whether ballet or bhangra, is made up of a sequence of movements and steps — when you plan those movements, you choreograph. You might also choreograph other kinds of routines, like figure skating, cheerleading, or a marching band performance. You can even use the word to describe planning things that don't involve physical movement: "My boss is a control freak, so she'll probably choreograph the whole meeting." The Greek roots are khoreia, "dance," and graphein, "to write."

Definitions of choreograph
  1. verb
    compose a sequence of dance steps, often to music
    “Balanchine choreographed many pieces to Stravinsky's music”
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    type of:
    create, make
    make or cause to be or to become
  2. verb
    plan and oversee the development and details of
    “The meeting between the two Presidents had been carefully choreographed
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    type of:
    direct, engineer, mastermind, orchestrate, organise, organize
    plan and direct (a complex undertaking)
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