A chick is a baby bird, especially a just-hatched chicken. Chicks are small, yellow, and fluffy.

Chick can describe most young birds, from an eagle chick to a flamingo chick, or be used more generally: "Dogs aren't allowed on the beach because of the nesting seabirds and their chicks." What most people picture when they think of a chick, though, is a newly hatched chicken, and in fact the word is a 14th century shortened form of chicken. It's also long been an informal, slightly offensive term for a young woman.

Definitions of chick
  1. noun
    young bird especially of domestic fowl
    synonyms: biddy
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    type of:
    young bird
    a bird that is still young
    Gallus gallus, chicken
    a domestic fowl bred for flesh or eggs; believed to have been developed from the red jungle fowl
  2. noun
    informal terms for a (young) woman
    synonyms: bird, dame, doll, skirt, wench
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