chaperoned; chaperoning; chaperones

High school dances always have at least one chaperone to keep an eye on things. A chaperone is someone who looks after and supervises another person or a group of people.

Chaperone can also be spelled chaperon, without the e. It originally meant a woman whose duty was to accompany a younger woman and make sure she wasn't harmed and didn't get into trouble, especially when she was with a man. These days, chaperone is most often used to describe an adult who supervises a group of kids or teenagers. The Old English meaning was "protective hood or head covering," and today the word chaperone retains that "protective" quality.

Definitions of chaperone
  1. noun
    one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people
    synonyms: chaperon
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    den mother
    a woman who supervises a den of Cub Scouts
    a woman chaperon
    a woman employed as a chaperon in a residence for young people
    type of:
    defender, guardian, protector, shielder
    a person who cares for persons or property
  2. verb
    accompany as a chaperone
    synonyms: chaperon
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    type of:
    accompany as an escort
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