Centripetal is an adjective describing a force that brings things toward the center, not unlike the force of a black hole.

Centripetal is often confused with the word centrifugal. They may begin the same way, but they mean the exact opposite. Centrifugal is the force that moves things outward. You might remember that centripetal means to move things in, because the petals on a flower all begin in the middle.

Definitions of centripetal
  1. adjective
    tending to move toward a center
    centripetal force”
    toward an axis, as in a sunflower; the oldest flowers are near the edge, the youngest in the center
    moving or directed toward the center or axis, especially when spinning or traveling in a curve
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    tending to move away from a center
    away from an axis, as in a flower cluster in which the oldest flowers are in the center, the youngest near the edge
    moving or directed away from center, especially when spinning or traveling in a curve
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  2. adjective
    tending to unify
    synonyms: unifying
    centralising, centralizing
    tending to draw to a central point
  3. adjective
    of a nerve fiber or impulse originating outside and passing toward the central nervous system
    synonyms: receptive, sensory
    of nerves and nerve impulses; conveying sensory information from the sense organs to the CNS
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