If something is celebrated, it's famous. Your town's celebrated restaurant — the one everybody knows and talks about — might be a modest barbecue joint.

A celebrated writer is an important, well-known one, like Ernest Hemingway or Maya Angelou. In your family, a celebrated figure might be the cousin who visits every summer and tells the best stories. As long as someone is talked about and revered by a group of people, they're celebrated. This adjective comes from the verb celebrate and its Latin root celebrare, "to sing praises of."

Definitions of celebrated
  1. adjective
    widely known and esteemed
    “a celebrated musician”
    synonyms: famed, famous, far-famed, illustrious, notable, noted, renowned
    apprehended with certainty
  2. adjective
    having an illustrious past
    synonyms: historied, storied
    having or deserving or conferring glory
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