Definitions of cattail
  1. noun
    tall erect herbs with sword-shaped leaves; cosmopolitan in fresh and salt marshes
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    Typha latifolia, bullrush, bulrush, cat's-tail, nailrod, reed mace, reedmace
    tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of down; its long flat leaves are used for making mats and chair seats; of North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa
    Typha angustifolia, lesser bullrush, narrow-leaf cattail, narrow-leaved reedmace, soft flag
    reed maces of America, Europe, North Africa, Asia
    type of:
    bog plant, marsh plant, swamp plant
    a semiaquatic plant that grows in soft wet land; most are monocots: sedge, sphagnum, grasses, cattails, etc; possibly heath
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